No deposit or Admin Fee

Small (5 x 10)

Can handle furnishings such as a couch, table, as well as multiple chairs with some spare room for boxes.

$74.20 / month

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Medium (10 x 10)

Roughly the size of half of a standard garage, these units cater to diverse needs. They can store lawn equipment, kids play toys, bicycles, scooters, patio dining sets, and more.

$95.40 / month

Medium (15 x 10)

Can store contents of a 2 bedroom house plus appliances

$127.20 / month

Large (20 x 10)

Great for a 3 bedroom house or car.

$161.12 / month

Large (30 x 10)

A very large space that can hold up to five bedroom sets. Can also handle bulky items like washers, dryers, living room furniture, and more.

$199.28 / month

Camper & Boat Storage , CC (40 x 16)

Great storage for smaller boats & campers.

$397.50 / month

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Camper & Boat Storage, CC (45 x 16)

Great for campers & boats.

$503.50 / month

RV Storage, CC (50 x 16)

Large unit designed specifically for RV's & campers. CLIMATE CONTROLLED.

$583 / month

Medium CC (10 x 10)

These units are Climate Control for many types of personal items which include: Seasonal items, clothes, shoes, jackets, decorations, important documents, or valuable belongings from several generations of family heirlooms.

$111.30 / month


Outdoor parking for a car or open trailer on gravel lot.

$58.30 / month

Medium CC (15 x 10)

Climate Control unit to keep your belongings in the best condition for as long as possible. Contents of approximately two bedroom home. Furniture, including household appliances and personal items. Kind size mattresses, couches and chairs, coffee tables, dining room sets, bed frames, and more.

$143.10 / month

Large CC (20 x 10)

Climate Control

$217.30 / month

30' Outdoor Parking (30 x 10)

Outdoor parking for All Terrain Vehicles, Excavation, Service Truck, and Construction Equipment.

$68.90 / month

35' Outdoor Self Parking (10 x 35)

RV, Motor Home, Camper, Boat, Trailer

$79.50 / month